Practice Areas: Website Development

Website Development

First Professional Experience: 2004
Most Recent Skill Expansion: 2023
Recent Focus: React, Javascript, Prisma, NextJS - JAMStack

An easy way to distinguish yourself from the competition online is to do more than piece together easily available web technologies for your website. Nowadays, the barrier for entry to have a good-looking website is low, so low that everyone seems to have a website. But don’t believe the “no code” hype fool you, as no good is a “no go” if you want to distinguish yourself. I can be relied on for development work; someone who can help bring your vision into bespoke functionality.

As your developer, I will create the underlying code and structure of a website and implement the design and layout created by a web designer. I can code in a variety of programming languages and technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, React,  and various back-end frameworks and databases. I also strive to optimize for performance and security.