I Help you Succeed Online

I become a thin layer of trust and management between your business objectives and the technologies used to reach them.  Unlike other managers,  I can do the work myself if it saves you money or time.

You can utilize my services as you see fit, minimal or extensive. I bill by the minute, and you only pay for minutes used, each invoice comes with a time report; example here.

How Much Time Will Be Required?

The time needed can vary significantly based on your needs, so I cannot provide an accurate estimation without knowing more about your project’s objectives and budget. Most new clients buy 10 hours (600 minutes) to start, then add time as needed. Usually, new clients approach me with a specific requirement, which I can assess during our initial discussion and provide an estimate for the time required. After which, if you want me to stick around and be available to help you further, I can be.

What are Your Charges?

I charge $2.75 a minute. 

How Much are my invoices

My monthly invoices have ranged from as low as $25 to as high as $18K. This depends entirely on much you need/request from me.

Proactive or Reactive

You can empower me to address specific needs as you identify them, or rely on me to discover and optimize potential areas of opportunity within your budget. Many clients prefer a combination of both approaches, but the choice is ultimately yours.

What can I ask you to do?

With time credited in your account, I am on standby to assist with a diverse range of tasks, from planning and strategizing; to user interface and user experience design, to digital marketing, pay-per-click management, and SEO. The minutes you have in your account are deducted as I work. This cycle continues as long as you are satisfied with the results and have time in your account.