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Client Feedback:

Chris was professional, easy to understand, and kind. He was able to solve my issue very quickly when I thought it was going to be a major fix. I am thankful to have found someone who knows what he is doing and gets right into it. Without a doubt I would recommend Chris Borgia to anyone.
Chris was (and remains) a delight to work with. He helped me navigate through some challenging choices for my business's online need, so far so GREAT! thank you Chris -highly recommended.
An absolute professional and innovative company that has saved my companies website on several occasions. Can’t thank the team at Techtegrity enough!
As a nonprofit with a limited budget, Chris has been a valuable asset with technology and the internet. He helps us online and with email, and is always reliable. A good communicator and a great addition to our internal staff. It's nice to have someone to turn to for help with the more difficult stuff.
Chris is reliable and always there for us when we need him which is great for our business -- seems like every year we keep coming back for him to help our teams. Must be 6 plus years so far. highly recommended He's help us save money, make our sites faster, fix issues with new sites, setup reporting fo r marketing - probably a lot more. just everything. thank you Chris.
Thank you. For all that you do to help with the online effort.
Reliable and good. really good. if you need consulting for web projects and or digital effort in general, Chris is an awesome resource to have on your team.
Response from the owner: Thank you Funnel Web for the kind words. I enjoy working with you and your team to further refine the website and digital assets. Helping to give your customers value through good online user experiences and story telling is rewarding.
We had a crazy idea to completely overhaul our PTA website with only about 10 weeks before school started. Chris put our worries at ease and helped us every step of the way. We were up and running before school started and he made the whole process super efficient and seamless. We highly recommend his team!
Thank you for donating your time and helping us Chris
There is nothing more important to me than my clients and my business. I solely trust my business function to Borgiaco. There is no one more knowledgeable and dedicated to my personal and business success as Chris Borgia. From consulting to full project management he just gets the job done so I can get the job done! A blessing to find a reliable expert and true professional!
I've worked with quite a few professionals in the web space. There's only one that I feel safe recommending to my clients. Having worked to completion on multiple projects with Chris, I can honestly say Borgia & Co. is the first call I make on a challenging new venture.
Response from the owner: Thank you Aaron for the positive feedback; always a great experience working with you.
Awesome Team, worth it!
Chris Borgia is an outstanding developer and digital business strategist. We've had nothing but great experience working with him in terms of communication, delivery and follow-through on a lot projects we've either put off or struggled with for years because we (mistakenly) thought it would be too hard or too expensive to do it right. Unlike a lot of these one-trick tech companies we've used in the past that basically push one product or system or approach on you for some outrageous upfront price, Chris helped us create our own plan of action that was customized to our business strengths and constraints that has since paid for itself 10 times over! We highly recommend BorgiaCo for anyone wanting to up their digital game!

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As your project evolves you might need to hire a designer, developer, SEO agency, or marketing firm, but those teams tend to come and go. It's useful to have constant. I can be that constant.

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As your project progresses, unanticipated challenges arise. A multidisciplinary with many years experience like me can help you address challenges quickly.

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As your budget shifts, you might need to allocate more or less towards various digital efforts. You can rely on me to help select systems and processes that maximize return on investment.

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